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Bank Account Details

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We are available to assist you 24/7. Do you need to contact us urgently? Please send a mail to admin@interprosmsportal.com or call 08060453371 now

Payment Details

Guaranty Trust Bank: 0030108403
Zenith Bank: 1013315677

SMS Pricing

  • End Users     - 1Naira per unit

  • Re-sellers   - 90kobo per unit

  • SMS to all Nigerian networks are charged at 1.75 units per SMS
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    • Olusola Edward: "High quality SMS prices at lowest prices."
    • Olajide Balogun: "I have been looking for an SMS provider that would offer me all the tools I need, now I've found one."
    • Franklin Samson : Student: "Their Reseller plan is superb."
    • More Payment Methods Coming

      With the reintroduction of Paypal to Nigeria, we will be adding the Paypal payment method to the list of our payment methods very soon. We will update you as soon as that is done

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    SIM Hosting Service

    Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Hosting is a special service enabling you to access your incoming SMS and to send outgoing SMS over the Internet at anytime, from anywhere.

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    Keyword Hosting Service

    The keyword is the first word your customers will write in the text message. It identifies which messages are meant for you..

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    Two-Way SMS Service

    This service provides the ability to send/receive SMS to/from mobile phones to a specific number for making auto-responders. The user requests a service by sending a special text to the system. The system processes the incoming text and responds accordingly.

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    Smartphone Applications

    We have gone another step ahead!. Now Quickdirectsms allows you to send SMS in more ways then one.

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